Fave 4: Dirty to Flirty (Dry Shampoo)

Fave 4: Dirty to Flirty (Dry Shampoo)

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Go for a rapid dry revival to refresh second (or third or fourth…) day hair. Rice starch is where it’s at for rapid oil absorption, with a brushable, lightweight drying effect.

Shake can well, hold 10-12 inches from hair. Lift sections of hair and spray at roots, concentrating on areas needing oil absorption. Tousle gently with hands or brush, and style as desired.

Favorite for:

  • Lightweight, virtually translucent dry shampoo fix for all hair types and colors
  • Second day style reset 
  • Quick fix for oily hair
  • Airy, fresher-feeling hair

Color Safe & Free of Gluten, Parabens and Aluminum. Safe for all hair types.

Fragrance note: Agave Pear