1. How do I wash my hair?
  2. How to care for extensions?
  3. What is the maintenance?
  4. How to take care of extensions?
  5. What do grams mean?
  6. What would be good?
  7. What is the hair made out of?
  8. Does it hurt?
  9. Is it uncomfortable?
  10. How long til my next booking?
  11. How long does the hair last?
  12. Can the hair be dyed, coloured or styled?
  13. Heat products?
  14. What’s the best products to use?
  15. After care?
  16. If something happens, what’s the procedure?
  17. How long does application take?
  18. Depending on what kind?
  19. Nano vs clips in vs weft?
  20. Long term vs short term?
  21. Best extensions for weddings? 
  22. Does it cause damage?
  23. What kind of extensions are most popular? What’s your different lengths and volumes?